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Disposable Protective Suit

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    ISO13485,ISO 9001,CE
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  1. Product Details

Disposable Protective Suits-Lantian Medical                                                                                   

The disposable protective suit is a commonly used personal protection product, which is mainly used to prevent harmful particles, liquids, dust, etc. from entering the human body. It is made of breathable polypropylene, which is dry and breathable, making it more comfortable for users. It usually usually used in the hospital, chemical industry, food industry, laboratory, dust-free workshop, painting, etc.

Disposable Protective Coveralls Features                                                                                       

1.One-piece design: wear comfortable, breathe freely

2.Heat sealing process: good sealing and better barrier performance

3.Extra room in arms and legs, allow for free movement on the job

4.Zipper design: put on and take off easily.

5.Knit cuffs: comfortable to wear

6.Between the waist tightening: meet the demand of different employees figure

7.Neckline snap design: give you better protection

Disposable Coverall Suit Spcifications                                                                                          


Product Name

Disposable Protective Suit

Material Structure 

Breathable film laminated non woven


White or as your request 


S, M, L, XL, XXL 

Gram Weight 

20-70g, or customized 

OEM and ODM 



No fluorescence 

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