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Why are Disposable Gowns Blue, Not the White Clothes that Everyone is Familiar


Published by Henan Lantian Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. December 18,2018

Why The Disposable Gowns Is Blue?

When mentioning the hospital, everyone will think of the adjective "White Angel". Not only the women in the hospital but all the staff in the hospital wear white clothes. Because their work is to save lives, there is a "white angel". But whether the doctors who come out of the operating room are not in the common white disposable gowns but blue disposable hospital gowns on TV or in real life. Over time, everyone accepted it, but why? Why is the doctor's disposable gown not white or other colors, but blue?

Maybe many people think that it is a color that the hospital chooses at will as the overalls of the surgery room, but the choice of this color has a great source.The disposable gown medical was not blue at first. When the medical level was still relatively backward long ago, and it may also be because of social instability, which made people feel weaker about safety or sterility.

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Disposable Gown Why Not Gray?

Doctors put on the gray disposable gown, just because gray is a color that is more suitable for hiding dirt. Even if it is stained with dirt, it is difficult to see. After all, due to social turmoil, the demand for doctors was great in the past. So the doctor decided to wear gray disposable gowns during the surgery in hospital. And because of the weak knowledge of health in the past, the postoperative patient infection often occurred.

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Although many patients had a successful surgery, there were more and more cases of the postoperative infection becoming serious. With the progress of the times, people gradually realized the problem of surgical bacterial infection, so the disposable gown was replaced with a fully sterilized white surgical gown medical. However, new problems had arisen at this time. Doctors need to look at the red surgical site for a long time while doing surgery. When they remove their eyes and see the people around them wear a white hospital gown, it is easy to have a complementary color reaction of the eyes, so that they will see red dots on their colleagues' clothes.

Everyone knows that most of the surgery is very long and very consuming the doctor's physical strength, because the doctor needs to concentrate on every step. Once a doctor's vision has a problem, it poses a great danger to the surgery. In order to solve this problem, everyone changed the white disposable hospital gown to another color. But why is it blue?

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Because the complementary color of the red is light blue, if changing the disposable hospital gown to blue, you can eliminate the visual problems that doctors have to look at in the red area for a long time. So there is the blue disposable gown that everyone sees today. offers more than 100 types of disposable medical supplies products. About 30% of these are hospital bed sheets and medical bed cover for patients use, 20% are surgical bed drape sheet, 15% are surgical gowns disposable, and 35% various disposable sterile surgical. All the medical supplies supplied by Lantian medical have CE and ISO certificate and undergo rigorous quality inspection and OE sterilization. Our company's products strictly comply with EN1379/ANSI/AAMI PB70/ISO11135/ISO11607 standards. Welcome, contact us for more details!

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