Biodegradable Hospital Bed Sheet & Cover
Biodegradable Hospital Mattress Cover
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Biodegradable Hospital Mattress Cover

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    ISO13485,ISO 9001,CE
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Biodegradable Hospital Bed Sheets Disposable-Lantian Medical                                                  

This biodegradable hospital bed cover is used for protect hospital bed mattress. It is produced by wood-pulp non-woven fabric, which has varies functions of water repellent, anti blood, anti oil, anti alcohol, permeability, and antibacterial property as well.

biodegradable hospital bed sheets disposable

Biodegradable Hospital Bed Cover Advantages                                                                            

Cloth-like texture: breathable and softness-reduce sweating and infection

bed sheet hospital cover with cloth-like texture

Biodegradability: 55%-70% degradation rate-solve the problem of medical waste pollution

Excellent Water Repellency: with out PE coated

hospital bed cover biodegradable

Biodegradable Hospital Bed Sheet Specifications                                                                      

Material Structure:  Wood-pulp

Color:  White or As Request

Gram Weight:  20-100gsm

Bed Sheet Size:  150*180cm, 138*238cm or As Your Request

Pillow Case Size:  50*70cm or As Your Request

Application fields:  Hospital, Clinic, and Medical Range

Features:  No fluorescence, Biodegradable, Disposable, Economical

OEM and ODM:  Acceptable

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