Surgical Drape
C-Section Surgical Drape
c-section sterile surgical drapes
clear sterile surgical drapes for c-section for cesarean surgery
c-section sterile drape with viewing window for sale
cesarean section sterile surgical drapes

C-Section Surgical Drape

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    ISO13485,ISO 9001,CE
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C-Section Sterile Surgical Drapes By Lantian Medical                                                                   

C-section sterile drapes are disposable surgical drape which is used in the cesarean surgery operation. It covers the area of the operation, and provide a self-adhesive square open with integrated incise film. It had an excellent barrier and protecting against infection properties. It is also breathable to ensure the patient’s normal breathing.

The fluid collection pouch of the c-section drape can prevent fluid from reaching the patient’s body surface during the operating. So, it is safe for a surgical procedure, meanwhile, reduce the risks of accidental cross-infection.

The c-section sterile surgical drape is the key drape of c section pack, we supply two types of c-section sterile drapes for you to choose, you can select it according to your need.

disposable c-section sterile surgical drape                c-section sterile drape-lantian medical supplies

Clear Sterile Surgical Drapes For C-Section Features                                                                     

1. Isolation: Isolating dirty, contaminated areas from clean areas. 
2. Barrier: Preventing fluid penetration.
3. Sterile Surface: Creating a sterile surface on the skin which acts as a barrier to prevent skin flora from migrating to the incision site. 
4. Fluid Control: Channeling and collecting body and irrigation fluids 

Clear Sterile Drapes For C-Section Parameters                                                                             

Material Structure:SMS, SMMS, PP+PE, PE+viscose, or customized (What Is Medical Non-woven?)

Color:Blue, Green, White or as request

Gram Weight:20-70g,or customized

Product Type:Surgical Consumables, Protective

OEM and ODM:Acceptable

Fluorescence: No Fluorescence

Standard: EN13795/ANSI/AAMI PB70

Certificate: CE & ISO

Clear Surgical Drapes For C-Section Picture Show                                                                      

 clear sterile drapes for c-section using in hospital surgery  c-section sterile surgical drapes for hospital use

 clear curtain c section sterile drape for cesarean procedure c-section sterile drape with viewing window for sale

Clear Surgical Drapes For C-Section Video                                                                                      

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