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SMS+ PE Waterproof Medical Bed Sheet
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SMS+ PE Waterproof Medical Bed Sheet

Product Specification:
  • Certification :
    ISO13485,ISO 9001,CE
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    30 days after deposit
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Disposable Waterproof Sheets For Hospital Bed By Lantian Medical                                           

Bed sheets medical with waterproof feature is one of the most popular patient bed sheets. It can protect the mattress from any body fluids. So, it is applies in the hospitals and clinics for the health care.

SMS with PE film as material, this hospital bed linen is waterproof, soft, and comfortable. It can provide a good breath ability and a wonderful relaxation for your patients. It is very convenient for patients to lie on, and each patient can own a new sheet in an cheap price. 

Medical Disposable Bed Sheets For Hospital Material                                                                    

medical disposable bed sheetsr for hoapital and clinic

Disposable Waterproof Sheets Features                                                                                         

1.Totally impermeable to fluids

2.Soft, comfortable and convenient with an cheap price

3.Waterproof, oil resistant and hygienic

4.Light and tear resistant

5.Specially designed for hospitals and clinics beds using

Disposable Waterproof Sheets Parameters                                                                                   

Material Structure: SMS with PE coated film

Color: Blue, Green or as your request

Gram Weight: 54g, 56g, 60g or customized

Bed Sheet Size: 150*180cm, 138*238cm or As Your Request 

Pillow Case Size: 50*70cm or As Your Request

Application fields: Hospital, Clinic, and Medical Range

Features: No fluorescence, Waterproof, Disposable, Soft, Cheap

OEM and ODM: Acceptable

Disposable Waterproof Sheets Picture Show                                                                                  

disposable waterproof sheets used for mattress protectbed sheet medical for health care

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