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Raw Material For Medical Supplies:What Is Biodegradable PLA Non-woven?(3)


Published by Henan Lantian Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. October 12,2019

In the modern medical field, the use of non-woven fabrics is becoming more widespread and the use rate is getting higher and higher. Because non-woven products are mostly disposable products, it can effectively prevent bacterial cross-infection. Our common surgical gowns, surgery drape sheets, surgery packs, hospital bed cover, medical bed sheets, masks, hats, shoe covers, etc. are all made of non-woven fabrics. Non-woven disposable medical supplies are widely used in hospital patients' rooms and operating rooms.

hospital bed cover and surgical gown, surgical drape sheet

According to the survey, in the North American market in 2010, the market coverage of disposable medical products has reached 80%. One of the most noteworthy is the market coverage of disposable non-woven hospital bed sheets reached 95%. In the European market in 2010, the market coverage of disposable medical products has reached 68%. These figures are still rising year by year.

With the wide application of disposable non-woven medical products, it brings health and sanitation to people, and also brings a lot of pollution problems of medical waste. Because the general non-woven fabric is made of polylactic acid (PP), this plastic is not easily degraded and treated.

What about a large amount of non-woven medical waste?

Degradable materials have gradually entered the field of vision. Among them, polylactic acid is the most widely used.

biodegrable pla hospital bed sheet-medical waste

What is Polylactic Acid (PLA)?

With the continuous improvement of people's environmental awareness, natural biodegradable polymer materials have attracted worldwide attention. As a new degradable material, polylactic acid has good biodegradability, biocompatibility, and bio-absorbability. After use, it can be completely degraded into water and carbon dioxide by the organism in the soil, which is non-toxic and harmless to the human body and has no pollution to the environment.


1. Environmentally friendly

2. Natural and zero additive

3. Anti-bacterial

4. Keep warm

5. Good strength

What Is Polylactic Acid Fiber?

Polylactic acid fiber is firstly converted into lactic acid by fermentation of corn, wheat, potato, and other starch raw materials. The lactic acid is condensed to form low neutron polylactic acid. Then, the coupling agent is used to polymerize low molecular weight polylactic acid into good mechanical physics. The higher molecular weight polylactic acid of the performance is further modified and chemically modified by chemical modification. Finally, the fibers are made by solution or melt spinning.

Polylactic acid fiber is the first fully recyclable man-made fiber, which has features of natural and synthetic fibers. Commercially produced PLA fiber is produced by fermenting corn starch into lactic acid, and dehydrating polymerization to obtain a polylactic solution for spinning, so the PLA fiber is also called corn fiber. The excellent properties of polylactic acid fiber have a broader prospect for the development and deep processing of products. The production process of the polylactic acid nonwoven fabric is clean, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and has a profound impact on the environmental protection cause of the world.

Raw Material For Medical Supplies What Is Biodegradable PLA Non-woven

The outstanding advantages of polylactic acid fiber are as follows:

Low Energy Consumption: It is rich in raw materials, and all are renewable resources, has low resources and energy consumption. Polylactic acid fiber is the greenest and environmentally friendly organic polymer compound today. Its comprehensive energy consumption is the lowest in chemical fiber production.

Biodegradable and Non-polluting:Polylactic acid fibers have good biodegradability. If it is buried underground with other wastes, it can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water in a short period time. It is has no pollution to the environment and environmentally friendly.

Good physical and mechanical properties:The strength and elongation of polylactic acid fiber are similar to those of polyester and nylon, but the melting point and modulus are low, the hand feel is good, the elastic recovery rate is high, and the glass transition temperature is suitable.

Good comfort:The product of polylactic acid has good skin-friendly properties and is very comfortable to contact with the skin and has natural antibacterial properties.

Have A Certain Flame Retardancy:The limiting oxygen index of polylactic acid fibers is the highest among the commonly used fibers. Its flame retardancy is similar to that of wool and is superior to polyester.

Environmental Sustainability:The raw material of PLA fiber is agricultural products such as grain, which is a reusable renewable energy source, which is inexhaustible.

Polylactic acid fiber has excellent performance, excellent drapability, slipperiness, moisture absorption and permeability, good heat resistance and UV resistance, and is lustrous and elastic. It can be used as clothing fabric, household decoration material, medical material, non- Woven fabric materials, biodegradable packaging materials, etc.

What Is Polylactic Acid Nonwoven-PLA Nonwoven?

The fabric made of poly-milk fiber has the characteristics of soft feel, bright luster, drape, good water absorption and wrinkle resistance, comfortable to wear, and has the function of anti-ultraviolet radiation and moisture conduction, and can release the smell of human body, so it is a very ideal fabric.

PLA nonwoven is 100% biodegradable non woven fabric, which has the features of anti-bacterial, excellent skin contact without allergy and excellent air breathablility. These functions are inherent in the corn fiber, do not need to do any extra finishing process, and don’t ose the efficiency by washing and time change.  

Pla nonwoven for medical supplies


(1) Medical

Medical and protective clothing, surgical gowns, caps, gloves, bedsheets, face masks, foot covers, diapers, curtains, pillow covers, slippers, etc.

The drug sustained release material in another widely used applications in the medical field of PLA non-woven fabric, especially the slow-release protein and peptide drugs have special advantages.

(2) Hygiene

disposable baby diapers, adult diapers, female hygiene products, wipers, cosmetics

HENAN LANTIAN MEDICAL SUPPLIES CO., LTD., as a professional manufacturer of non-woven medical consumables, first used PLA non-woven fabrics for the production of medical supplies. Such as biodegradable PLA hospital bed sheet, PLA hospital bed cover, PLA surgical gown, PLA surgical drape sheet, PLA surgical pack, etc. The medical disposable product made of PLA has light weight, thinness, soft hand feeling, good skin-friendlyness and excellent respiratory performance.

hospital bed sheet pla biodegrable  pla hospital bed sheet  biodegradabel pla hospital bed sheet


What Is PLA Biodegradable Hospital Bed Sheet?

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