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Ambassador of Ghana Visits the Lantian Medical


Published by Henan Lantian Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. October 28,2019

On October 26, 2019, Dr. Charles Duvalmina, deputy ambassador of the Ghana Embassy in China, visited Henan Lantian Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. The Ghana delegation conducted a detailed investigation and in-depth understanding of non-woven disposable medical supplies, disposable surgical packs, disposable surgical drapes and gowns, patient gown disposable, hospital bed sheet and covers. Our Chairman Sun Yuepeng accompanied the whole process!

Ambassador of Ghana Visits the Lantian Medical

Mr. Sun Yuepeng, the chairman of our company, first accompanied Charles and his deputy ambassador to the Ghana Embassy in China to visit the Lantian Medical Technology Exhibition Hall to learn about the Lantian medical plant planning and product line layout.

Non-woven Disposable Medical Supplies Manufacturers

Lantian Medical has 15-year experience of manufacturing non-woven medical supplies. We offer a comprehensive range of disposable surgical packs, disposable surgical drapes and gowns,  hospital bed sheets and covers, and hospital patient gowns. Our products have serve more than 3000 government hospitals and Private hospitals in China and also develop the marketing around the world.

disposable surgical drapes and gowns disposable surgical packs-lantian medical

Immediately afterwards, everyone visited the production workshop of Lantian Medical. Deputy Ambassador Charles and his party expressed their affirmation and appreciation for the construction and products of Lantian Medical.

hospital bed sheet and covers and disposable patient gowns disposable patient gown manufacturers

Finally, the Deputy Ambassador of Charles and his party conducted in-depth exchanges in the living room and took a group photo.

disposable surgical drapes and gowns, surgical packs

Through this exchange, we have a deeper understanding of the medical market in Ghana, laying a good foundation for the deepening cooperation and common development of Lantian Medical and Ghana in the future.

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